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Growing up,I wantedto become a writer,Finally, I grew upand became one without a title.That is why I write,Because I am searching for a lingual acceptancein my loneliness If I don’t write about myselfwho will?Nobody,wants to writeabout a Poetwho was creative in writingbut never created a lifeout of himself. I knewI could never be a doctor,ButContinue reading “Poetry”


Through these lenses,This looks like that a film,Chasing faces, traces from the Unbound emerge.From a bird’s eye view, scenes from a crocodile’s tear image. I’ve held enough stories but only one hugged my intuition,Recorded in my brain as BMR’s Best Memory Ever.Watching this Cinema as it unfolds. It all began when I finished myself byContinue reading “VICTORIOUS;”

Sad New Yeah!! 2023

Life is for the livingNot for surviving or beggingIf you are tired of the preachingWe might as well be family Since I first stepped into 2023,I knew I would have this feelingReflections of memories that are saddeningRemembering those that died in this struggle called existing,Felling out of place in my own space, Maintaining alive-ness withContinue reading “Sad New Yeah!! 2023”


#SpokenWord The Christmas season is of Faith and Hope.A little bit less courage but is gracious enough to give you free time to spend time. A 25-year-old bard,On December 25th,Scanning the environs soon setting camp at the Old shack where the Old guards of the land are sipping communal concoctions (Ethnic Beer),Sitting across them lookingContinue reading “NO CHRISTMAS AS USUAL.”

Why I dislike Christmas

On the Eve of Christmas 2001, before I went to bed at night I saw a faceless fat creature clad in Santa’s Cap,I have had nightmares but this was absurd.Never really liked Santa from childhood,I always made wishes for Christmas but he never came down the chimney My Red & white days slowly faded toContinue reading “Why I dislike Christmas”

Love is not such a big deal

Do you believe in Love? Love is relativeIf you ask me I’ll tell you from my experiencethatLove,Can not survive on its ownLove needs timeLove needs People and thingsLove needs a placeLove needs patienceLove needs hateto exist Love,is an illusionLove is blindLove is made hence it can be broken in the same wayLove is a songContinue reading “Love is not such a big deal”