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Love is not such a big deal

Do you believe in Love?

Love is relative
If you ask me I’ll tell you from my experience
Can not survive on its own
Love needs time
Love needs People and things
Love needs a place
Love needs patience
Love needs hate
to exist

is an illusion
Love is blind
Love is made hence it can be broken in the same way
Love is a song that will one day stop
Even birds don’t sing all day and night
Love is a river that flows swiftly and beautifully until it dries up
Love is a union
A reunion
Love is breaking up and falling in the arms of another immediately
Love and Lust share something in common
The letter ‘L’
Nothing else

Love is accepting that you are not enough
Love is learning to put yourself first before thinking of others
Love is being grateful for your small winnings
Respecting each step and walking the deserted path
Hoping it leads to a finish line better than the start





Published by thephenomwillrise

Let me write your story, using my own words. Let Poetry Reign i have tales to tell, join me

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