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They Lied about Love

Someone said you can not explain Love
They don’t know what it is so I’ll explain it

is a makeshift person
That is not there and is there
Far or near that one person can change a whole lot inside of you
Love is Faith that you believe in even when hope inside is dead
Love is fresh Lemon in hot tea
The smell of it and how it absorbs the bad taste on your tongue
Love is endless,
Love has a beginning and when you start loving you never stop
Love is a Dangerous password that is so simple that people hack into it altering your stories account
Love is a midnight call
When the phone rings in your dreams and you wake up to receive a call from nature
Love lives in a broken heart that yearns for mending
Love never lacks you just have to know where to find it Love is not lost just misplaced
Lave can be replaced
New love will never measure to the Old one
Young love grows Old but never forgets what it learnt from crawling, walking, running, and flying
Feeling weightless carried on a plane that took off before the pilot came in and you have no map no knowledge but you trust you will land safe and sound
Love is Music when staring at your own reflection
Love is the singing voice that calms down your nerves when tears leave you breathless
Love is a law that abides
Love has no justification
Love is applied force when things get hard in your life
Love is chemistry titration
Love is speaking without using words
Sexting with zero fear
Love is minding what goes on in your head when you only think of one person
Love is sitting next to a person and wishing the two of you turn into rocks
Love is rocky and heavy
Love is having a heavy heart that is a ticking timebomb
Love is a rifle bring on the war
Love is selling your own happiness for the sake of others
Love is buying time just to remain in the arms of the one you adore
Love is giving up on hate and letting in the fire so everlasting that its burns you with passion
Next time when we share a moment together,
Remember love’s existence.
Remember i know how to love how to care how to touch how to speak how to look at your face like i would die without your embrace
I know how to hold you
Close and grumpy from the back
I know how to tickle the sides of your neck
I know where to place it, even in the darkest and silent of the night
Where there is Love, Put my name on it.





Published by thephenomwillrise

Let me write your story, using my own words. Let Poetry Reign i have tales to tell, join me

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