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Days of being happy,

Day one,

Choose to get up early from bed,
Go out and wait for something to happen to me,
I might meet old friends,
And share Old memories,
I might meet new ones,
We might just connect, begin new stages of life,
New problems,
New ways to cope.

I’d willingly turn up for birthday parties
Even if they’d remind me of how old am getting
Counting milestones from the rocky relationships and now my friends are getting married,
I was asked to do a piece for the newly weds
It was not easy,
It was not easy until i imagined myself in a traditional attire, walking down the isle holding a shield of courage and a ring,
Traditionally i would feel all nice about it
But i changed,
i am urban i left that place long time ago
I grew thick
I could not fit in,
I Changed my name, i changed my look,
I hide from people who knew me,
They are like sadness
Like i don’t want them but they must have me and i can’t change that

My Spirit
My Mind
My whole being
Wants to get drunk
Only on the days of the week that end with ‘y’

I believe in random people,
I believe in 2nd chances,
And redemption.
Am happy i experienced the Pain
And now, my mission is to protect my kids from it
And teach them how to read a Gut feelling
And follow your dreams,
Because no one taught me that,
I was taught about God
And Faith
Two things that have caused me most pain
I thought i payed a price to free myself
Only to find out that,
am deep in dept, and the depth is whats killing me,
I don’t own anything inside of me,
I am controled
I am a device
And i am broken,
I malfunction,
the owner gets new stuff on a daily basis
Its easy for me to get thrown out
I am,

Exercising muscle,
Drinking water,
Things i was not willing to do easily
Are now taking me to places i’ve never been before,
Places i never knew existed,
Places i would love to call mine
I never knew simple things matter the most,
Only when you have nothing to call yours,
You accept anything aslong as it gives a sense of belonging.
Begs the question,
Who am i?
I am not me, i am who you want me to be.

These are the days i chose to losen up all my shirt buttons
Spread my wings and dive into air
Its days like this that make us who we are
Its days like this that bring about the best in us
And when i say we, i don’t mean us
When i say we i mean them
Because at times i feel like i don’t belong anywhere


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Let me write your story, using my own words. Let Poetry Reign i have tales to tell, join me

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