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have done alot of bad things in my lifetime
The Best of them all is
Believing in self

It is considered bad to beleive in you
When you are a dream chaser
When you are young
When you have opinions
But nobody cares

Allowing self
To make bad decisions
Because you want self to follow self path
Not the one made for self because someone else went through it and was successful

It is terrible to fail to conform to society norms
You will know the true meaning of solitudeness
Because the road you chose
is not crowded
Many artists traveling the road of loneliness will tell you how lonely it gets
Trust me, they will not explain
They will tell it as it is
Using Mystic Music

These choices
Are sad choices
Painful choices
Hurtful choices

When the heart and mind coincide
But outside powers colude against your inner strength
And hang you for dead
Leaving your spirit wailing

When you build a wall between yourself
And your blood family

When you want to change the world

When nobody listens to your heartbeat
But you keep on playing your music

When the urge to fight is vigorous
Same as the need to quit

Bad decisions
But with good intentions
And only you will understand this
Quit explaining
And do it
In the end
Life is a story of how we died
I want to die knowing that i reached my dreams
If i didn’t then atleast i gave a determined chase
One hell of a race, against all ods





Published by thephenomwillrise

Let me write your story, using my own words. Let Poetry Reign i have tales to tell, join me

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